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More new stuff for Meander & a Wild Ride to boot.

"Meander" Sailing out the Sassafras River

“Meander” Sailing out the Sassafras River

Well, if you know anything about beautiful sail boats you know you spend money on them… they are , after all,  very jealous mistresses.

Well, I’ve been buying and installing lots of new and pretty gear on her. & I’m repairing some old water stained veneered bulkheads in the 2 forward state rooms with some cedar wainscoting, along with installing some tile in the bathrooms and in front of the galley sink. She’s looking beautiful !

We had Robert & his girl Taylor down from Boston over the

Her Lines

Her Lines

Memorial day weekend. Went out sailing in some very windy conditions, 25+ knts. We were really pushing Meander hard, even had green water over the rail at times…WOW, what a sail.  That is until a steering cable sheave let loose from it’s place in the engine room ceiling. just popped the heads off 2 of the stainless steel bolts holding the thing in place. All of a sudden…no steering !  I went below & figured out what was what and seeing that we could still sail her, proceeded on down to our original destination

Saturday evening -a sail boat cruising right down the sun set !

Saturday evening -a sail boat cruising right down the sun set ! & into our anchorage !

(Worton creek anchorage) with the auto pilot steering and the emergency tiller in place, (just in case). We sailed into the anchorage and anchored under sail alone, that was lots of fun. The wind was great for sailing and I didn’t want to waste a second of it.

Next day we took the dink into Worton creek marina and bought 3 new Bronze bolts and put the steering system back to rights. After that repair, we spent the rest of the weekend just hanging on the hook and enjoying this quiet & mostly sailorly  anchorage.  No Worries mate !

You see, I really do love when Meander challenges me with things to do for her.  Makes me feel like a Man… a self reliant  man… Like my Dad … She is a jealous mistress after all !

Lets keep on sailin’


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Lots of new work done on Meander.

Hi There ! It’s been over a year since I posted anything on here for Meander. Lots of stuff has been going on with her none the less. Here is a short list:

  1. I cooked the transmission at the end of last year. Seems the thing has been running backwards the whole time I’ve owned her. I just didn’t know, since she has a maxprop and the linkage was reverser there were no indicators to clue me in. …except that the aft end would walk the opposite direction when in reverse from all the other boats I’ve owned. But I thought that was just how sail drives walked… Well not true. The thing was running backwards and ,if you know anything about these transmissions , when in forward the central shaft would be pushed upwards into the lube cap at the top of the case, not downward into the rest of the geartrain. Well, with one hard shift in a windy, tight anchorage, a small roller bearing set collapsed in there and sent the shaft up enough to disengage the central shaft connection to the lower unit …so  no go ! Well, I nursed her back to my boat yard and got a final tow in from a friend up to the dock. This last winter I bought a replacement (slightly used) sail drive , both upper & lower units. Rebuilt both sets and installed the best of them back into the boat this last spring. She works fine now and is running in the right direction. (I just had to change the linkage set-up) it is as simple as that ! & now I have a complete sail drive as a spair…It’s all Good !)
  2. When I re-installed the sail-drive, I re-greased the max prop and installed it with a slightly less angle of attack on the adjustable blades. This meant the engine would run slightly faster (closer to it’s normal speed, & would work less hard in doing it. She runs much smoother and less luggy now. also a good thing.
  3. At the end of last year when I blew-out the water system with the compressor, I blew-up the water heater. (It was kind-a corroded  at the bottom of the bottom of the aluminum tank. )….B A N G !!! . So I got a new one from Defender and installed it in the system &…
  4. Since I was in plumbing mode, I decided to re-plumb the whole boat with PEX piping. I have been repairing the old copper pipe all along as leaks would show up. Cutting out the leaky spots and patching them with nylon reinforced hose and worm clamps. This was a temporary fix at best. Now the plumbing’s all new !
  5. & finaly, the two refer systems have not been working for the last 2 years (either  the 110 VAC system nor the engine drive part). Well I finally gave up trying to fix them myself (seems I’m not a refrigeration repair guy).  So I bought a new Isotherm 12 VDC system and installed it in the cold box. It’s not as strong as the engine system ( I  still hope to fix this system yet) but it works fine & it keeps the refrigerator down in the low 40’s and the little freezer compartment freezes ice for my “Dark and Stormy’s” !

Well, that’s all for now…

Thanks for reading along

Bob Leiby

Aboard, “Meander”

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Repairing the Storm Damage to Meander at Gregg Neck Boat Yard

Performance cruiser – Formosa 43  Sailboat for sale by owner. Located in the upper Chesapeake Bay.

She is for sale for $65900.00   One of the last one of these very rare “Ron Holland” designed boats. Fast & safe and capable for “ocean passage conditions”.

 The Formosa 43 may have been designed with the charter

“Meander” Sailing out the Sassafras River

business in mind, but “Meander” was never in the charter trades. She has 3 full & Comfortable “Double Staterooms” along with a crew berth up front and a salon table that can be lowered to accommodate another double berth. Making this sailboat able to sleep 9 people …in Comfort !…Amazing !

Aftermath Of The Storm of July 2012 at Gregg Neck Boat Yard.

Repaired the Storm Damage to Meander

This last weekend I and my friend Bill Emenecker worked on the repairs to

Damage after the storm

Meander’s toe rails. the last installment showed the trauma that was done to her side by those nasty  pilings. Well when I got down to the boat yard around 1:00 on Thursday, Bill was hard at work mixing epoxy & filler to fill the void between the hull & deck units. There was a thin 1/2″  piece of mahogany  there and had deteriorated a little over the years. Bill finished filling this in as I got my gear & stuff together. then we started to fit the joints on the new toe rails he had

Obiwan directing his (slightly younger) apprentice, (me)

shaped from the Teak he got at a local lumber yard. They were flawless ! wow! After we dry fit all the joints we took them off and set them aside. Then Bill mixed more epoxy and I cut a pile of 1,1/2″ x 3′ strips of matt glass. then he saturated them with resin and I painted the now grouned off hull/deck joint with fresh epoxy and started laying the matt strips along the joint, saturating & rolling it all together for a tight bond. Then I re grouned the joint to flatten it all out then started to install the rails with 3M 5200. 1 tube per 7′ rail. Bill used resorcinol glue for the joints and I ,after pre drilling the counter sink holes & pilot holes ran the screws in snuggly. then with the plugs he made at his shop we glued the screw holes and plugged them all. When this dried I cut the plugs off with Bill’s super sharp chisels  and sanded the whole thing smooth with a

Bill is saturating the mat glass while I’m placing the stuff & rolling it in

belt sander then a random orbit sander. After a little feathering in of the joints the job was ready for finishing.

I gotta tell ya I felt a lot like “Luke Skywalker” ( the apprentice) to Bills’ “Obiwan Kenobie” (master cabinet maker). I learned one very valuable lesson…SHARP CHISELS  are the  bomb! This kind of work was what Bill has done all his life, I just play around with this fine kind of work on occasion so I was  intimidated by the repairs…as it turned out it wasn’t so bad, Bill could see what was next in the process so he just showed the way & I followed ! Thanks Bill for all the work! Mary Ann his uber helpful wife didn’t let us get thirsty or hungry all weekend. Thanks to you too ! She even helped with the clean up –

plugs in – ready for feathering and sanding

when we were finished for the day. You couldn’t tell anyone was ever working out on our dock…Well done indeed !

The next day I got 3 coats of spar varnish on the rails and the next morning after that I got one more coat then the rest of the SS hardware and rub rails .

I must say again, I never thought we could get those repairs to look as good as they turned out. I defy anyone to pick-out any flaws in this job…better than new, I think !

That Evening we all went off to Gregg necks summer pig roast and party. There was a band (duo) playing. “Pure Ground” is there name. lots of songs and good music too.

A finished job ! notice the bigger & much more robust fender boards…I don’t want to do this again !

We ate pork and drank some beers and just enjoyed the rest of the evening. Just reward for a job very well done!

Thanks for reading along and following Meander on her meanderings around the Chesapeake Bay. Don’t forget to tell your friends about Meander being for sale & friend us on Face book. You never know which of your friends might be looking for a sail boat just like Meander !

Bill, Maryann & Linda, admiring the work

Bob Leiby

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The Storm of July 2012 at Gregg Neck Boat Yard

Performance cruiser – Formosa 43  Sailboat for sale by owner. Located in the upper Chesapeake Bay.

She is for sale for $79,999.00   One of the last one of these very rare “Ron Holland” designed boats. Fast & safe and capable for “ocean passage conditions”.

 The Formosa 43 may have been designed with the charter

“Meander” Sailing out the Sassafras River

business in mind, but “Meander” was never in the charter trades. She has 3 full & Comfortable “Double Staterooms” along with a crew berth up front and a salon table that can be lowered to accommodate another double berth. Making this sailboat able to sleep 9 people …in Comfort !…Amazing !

Aftermath Of The Storm of July 2012 at Gregg Neck Boat Yard.

Hi Folks, It’s been a few weeks since I was down to visit my Formosa 43 “Meander”. It always get so very hot and humid here on the Chesapeake Bay in the summer.  My wife & I don’t usually like to stay at the dock, we like to sail someplace ( little mini cruises we call them), and hang out on the hook at beautiful anchorages. But just sitting and baking and  sweating with no breeze even in idealic locals, is not fun for me.  I usually stay home in the cooler mountains of PA during the worst of the heat.

I’m sure you all heard about those very bad thunderstorms that swept across the Virginia & Maryland areas  a couple of weeks ago. Killed a bunch of people, It was quite bad. And our friends on the Bermuda trip were just re-entering the Delaware Bay as these storms came pounding on through ( but that’s a tale  for another time.) One of our dock mates, Frank, was on his big West sail as these wall clouds came through. He said the winds got up to around 90 knots out of the west and the stick lightening was as bad as he’d ever experienced. He was smart enough to get into his car to wait the worst of the lightening out, even tried to drive up the hill & back to his home, but couldn’t get out of the boat yard as trees had blown down across the road out . He slept in his car that night. ( he’s a tall guy and he has a small Toyota)…fun…not so much!

Now, Gregg Neck Boat Yard is in a very protected area of the Sassafras River.

Remarkably, one of only a handful of boats knocked off their stands from the storm

In fact, it’s known as a “Hurricane hole”. But apparently things got a bit dicey there.  Scott Westcot the owner called me and said we had sustained some damage to Meander’s rub / toe rail. But the damage was much more traumatic for me when I finally saw it for myself this past weekend.   I think the boat was blown backwards stretching the spring lines enough to get the fender boards out of alignment so they wouldn’t protect  toe rail from the hammering it took as the winds blew-up.

My work is very slow right now,( I’m a builder / contractor in a very depressed area of PA), so I really didn’t have a lot of money to throw at this new problem. But when I got down there our dock mates; Bill & Maryann (from the Bermuda trip) were down and started right in on helping set things right.

The forward section of ripped up toe rail.

(Bill is a retired cabinet maker & does all his own joinery work on his gorgeous Vagabond 42 “Owaso”.)  I know something about fine wood working but Bill is a master craftsman. He showed me the proper way to remove the plugs and how not to force the joints apart. ( since I am a production builder kind of guy, this takes some doing for me to s l o w  the hell d o w n .) We had to remove 3 x 7′ sections of the toe rail – 21 feet in all. We will reuse the center section as it was not damaged, but the other 2 sections were completely destroyed. Bill

The aft section of toe rail… I’d just varnished all this wood !

volunteered to pick up the right sized teak lumber at a lumber yard by where he lives in NJ. He also said he will shape the replacement parts in his home shop, so we can re install them, when I get back down to the boat this coming weekend,  what a great guy !  The repairs to my boat will end up costing much less than the deductible from my boat insurance. So I guess I’m not in so bad a situation as many around the Bay.  It could have been much worse.  I had lots of helping hands from “B” dock here

Linda & Susan ( my lovely wife) getting at the dirt with the vac.

lending a hand and advice. The girls even got out the shop vac to clean up the chips and dirt from the removals. Bill & I will fill and re-glass the top of the bulwarks to seal them up before we install the new rails. As the mahogany strip glassed between the two parts of the joint has degraded  a little over the years from moisture getting in .  This strip was inserted into the hull/deck joint to accept screws from the toe rail.  The under side of  this joint was also glassed properly making the joint a proper one for an ocean sailing yacht.  So, we will be epoxying and sealing the

The cleaned and prepped bulwark ready for the rebuild.

top of this hull to deck joint on the first day, then on the second day we will be grinding this joint smooth. I may address the hull rash from smacking the pilings if time and tide are co-operative.  Then we will install the rails and with a final sanding and plugging- varnish and done ! (Well, with a few more coats of varnish) – done!

Thanks for following along on the adventure of owning and sailing “Meander” on the Chesapeake Bay.

Bob Leiby

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Dock Mates are off to Bermuda!

Performance cruiser – Formosa 43  Sailboat for sale by owner. Located in the upper Chesapeake Bay.

She is for sale by owner for $79,999.00   One of the last one of these very rare “Ron Holland” designed boats. Fast & safe and capable for “ocean passage conditions”.

Dock Mates are off to Bermuda!

The Happy Crew…Lucky Buggers !

Some friends and dock mates set off with Bill on his 10th run to Bermuda and back.  Oh, how I envy them. They prepped a proper boat ( A Vagabond 42 in this case) and set off to catch the high tide at the east end of the D&C canal this last weekend. They will have made great time going up the Chesapeake bay, across between on the C&D & down the Delaware bay. I haven’t heard from them or their land connection here at the Boat Yard so I hope everything is going smoothly.

And their off !

We had some weather here on Tuesday( mostly just rain) so they are probably in the stuff right now. Stay dry boys!

The scuttle-but is that they packed enough food for a run right across the Atlantic, well we’ll see if they keep going! We’ll be back down to the boat next weekend so we may be there for their return…That will be great!

Last Weekend at the ” Worton Creek Anchorage”

Meander sailing out the Sassafras river

After seeing our friends off, Susan & I Motor-sailed down to Worton Creek. It’s the second inlet south of the Sassafras river- (where we keep Meander). I like this anchorage a lot. It’s mostly sail boats and it’s open to the west so we get the breezes on those hot summer nights. It has Great holding and when those big thunder storms come rolling through later in the summer, you’ll need it.

Any way, we spent the weekend doing some chores and reading…lots of reading…you know just doing

Monday morning finds us in a very deserted anchorage …I love it !

what sailors love to do…Hanging on the Hook!  We had the first try-out of the new battery banks…Wow, those old ones did need replacing.

I was also trying to figure out the problems with both refer systems…but to no avail. I’m not a refer guy ( though I wish I was). Well I’ll get these systems working yet! ( glad ice is cheap) 4 blocks kept the refer / ice box cold for 4 days…. But I do miss refrigeration!

Saturday evening -a sail boat cruising right down the sun set !

Thanks for reading & Following along. Just trying to make this “Google” thing work for me. & maybe even help me sell “Meander”

Whoever gets her will be getting a great sailing boat !

If your interested you can contact:

Bob Leiby


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Meander, my Formosa 43 -is For Sale By Owner

Before I found a real drawing for Meander I drew this up… (Ron Holland I ain’t) !


She’s back in the water !

This last month saw lots of small to mid sized projects on Meander. a few are…

  • First Susan & myself scrubbed off the grime from the winter lay-up, inside & out.
  • We removed her old varnish from the topsides teak and re varnished with multiple coats of new spar varnish. ( lets see how long this stuff lasts.)
  • Next we removed the 4 very heavy6 volt  fork lift batteries  and the last remaining 8d gelcell from the boat. The 8d was on the boat when I bought her in 2000 and the fork lift batteries were 10 years old,(and on their last leg). so it was time to replace them. I bought 4 new  6 volt golfcart batteries and a combo- deep cycle / starting battery. Lets see if we can get 10 years out of this system like the last.
  • I bought a new tri-color / anchor light for the mast head. (the last anchor/strobe died last year). I wired in a pair of blocking diodes so I can use the reverse polarity switching system I built for the strobe/anchor light. It seems to work great. I may get a pair of LED bulbs for this light system so as to draw as little current as possible. We’ll see.
  • Got the canvas back from Oateleys Top Shop where it was in for restitching and new clear plastic glass in the dodger. It all went on swimmingly. I even re-applied waterproofing to the Bimini top. Also put on new twist catches on the front of the main-sail cover. (the zipper died a while ago ).

We went out for a great little sail on Sunday as the wind was out of the north at about about 12 kts. and a little gusty. My son Robert was with us this last weekend (and was a great help in striping the varnish, re-varnishing and getting those monster batteries out and in the car). We raised the sails just outside of Skipjack Cove Marina (on the Sassafras river) and sailed the whole way out and across the Bay to Aberdeen with the wind mostly on the starboard beam. Then turned around and sailed back. A great afternoon and a great sail. The good sailing will get less as the summer wears on. Robert was at the helm most of the afternoon, He does love to sail !

Sailing at the mouth of the Sassafras River

Formosa  43 line drawing

Her lines

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4th of July weekend at Chesapeake City

Meander, my 1985 Formosa 43 “performance / cruiser” Sail boat is for sale now for the unbeatable price of $99,000.00 (this is a steal)!

Chesapeake City Bound!

This last 4th of July weekend I had my whole family at home ( I love it when both my little chicks come home to roost).  We had decided to take the long weekend and try to get into the basin at Chesapeake City. That anchorage is notorious for being shoaled in. The current flies in and out of the C&D canal loading it’s entrance with

The C&D bridge, Rt 213 at Chesapeake City

lots of silt. The last time we went up there ( two years ago, I think) we had to plow through the muck at the entrance to get into the 10′ to 12′ deep anchorage. ( & that was only two years after they had dredged the entrance).  We draw  a little less than 7′ so I’m guessing the depth then was around 6′ at the entrance ( and this was at high tide). They have about a 3′ tide here, I think.  This time we got there at dead low tide so I was not to hopeful. We called “Andy” the dock master at the Chesapeake Inn on the VHF radio, they operate a marina in side the anchorage. She said the Army Corps of Engineers had just dredged the mouth this last winter and the

The entrance into the anchorage. lots of current and shoaling, keep a sharp eye out

controlling depth was 10′.  Wow, I  was in sailboat heaven ! Even at low, low tide we didn’t even touch the mud, & we had the anchorage mostly to our selves to boot, just a few sail boats and 2 trawlers. Now Chesapeake City is normally  “Cigarette Boat” mecca, they come from all over the bay, both bays, actually,  and make one hell of a lot of noise. I am a sailor – I like peace and quiet. Last week was Chesapeake City’s Canal Days” weekend ( A crazy ,  raucous and dangerous affair [I’d heard that someone died there this year])  I figures that most of the crazies

Rebeccah in her usual spot; in the shade with a book (more than one actually)

would be else where & I was mostly right.  The fireworks where everywhere else but Chesapeake city, so other than those hard core drinkers going to the Chesapeake Inn’s bar we didn’t have to put up with all the noise and nutty behavior….mostly, anyway. I like this little town, it has some good restaurants and lots of odd little  shops that sell all kinds of gifts or hand crafts or antiques… lots of choices !  (I bought a “1977 Da’Gastino Lawsuit Les Paul” guitar and a vintage “Rickenbacker Road” amp there a few years ago.  One of Susan & my favorite shops was a place called “Sanford & Son”. Just an old man who goes to estate sales and auctions and brings back all kinds of stuff; some

A nervous Captain coming into this shoaly anchorage

junk, some “diamonds-in-the-rough. We bought a set of large and very heavy cast iron “andirons” from him a few years ago. You just never know what you’ll find. Well, we found almost all his stuff was gone and his place all cleaned up & his little shop closed. We later found out from another shop owner we struck up a conversation with ( like we do) that he was sick and his son (s)? cleaned the place up for him… the end of an era, I think, he was truly a fixture there. I know I will miss him and his shop of junk.

In between reading, eating, swimming & shopping,  I was able to get a little more maintenance done. I got the forward bilge pump working (wire corrosion, it happens), and the aft shower sump pump

Some of our neighbors on the hook

fixed (hair in the impeller).

They say Cruising in a sailboat is the art of doing boat maintenance in exotic locations…ya know, they may be right!

We motored up bay against the out going tide with no wind on Saturday (very hot and muggy)- to get to Chesapeake city, and we motored south on Tuesday against the in coming tide with almost no wind again, not fun for a sailor but the usual here on the Chesapeake in summer. We rolled out the new/old genny as we entered the Sassafras River on our way home but couldn’t get much over 3 knts on the dieing north westerly. So we cranked in the sail & cranked up the Iron Genny and motored we did- all the way back to the marina.

Thanks for reading along and following us on out tame adventures aboard “Meander” & Share this blog with your friends, you just never know who is a closet sailor…maybe even YOU !

Remember:  Life’s short and your dead a long time ! (an actual boat name!)

So Keep on  Sailin’……………………………….._/)…………………………….. Bob Leiby

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A weekend down on the Sassafras River

Meander, my Formosa 43 “performance / cruiser” Sail boat is for sale now for the unbeatable price of $99,000.00 (this is a steal )!

We spent a quiet weekend at the end of June down on the Sassafras River on the upper Chesapeake bay.  My wife Susan, & son Robert (home from university to help me on building projects this summer), @ Summer hill building & Contracting,inc.  We didn’t do much, just anchored out and read a lot. There is nothing as relaxing as sitting in the cockpit, under the Bimini, sipping a cool drink & reading a favorite book! That Friday evening we got down to the boat later than we wanted so we decided to go out the river and anchor off “Skipjack cove marina” for the night. We then dingied into the Granery restaurant for a late dinner in their lower (less formal & cheaper) dinning room.

A view of the Granary restaraunt from the river side

There was an acoustic duo setting up equipment to play that night so after we ate

Susan the Sailor

we moved to right in front of the group to listen for a while. During their first break I went over to talk…like I do… We talked about playing out and how they liked it. I discovered they were part of a full band called “Day Tripper”. When I told them that I played up in PA they asked me to get up and play a song or two…so I did .  What great fun. I would have liked to play some more but they where going back on so I sat down for another set. They where very good but played all covers no original works.  Sad to say I needed to get Susan back to the boat (way past her bedtime you see), so we bid them adeau and dingyed off back to Meander.

Lounging in the cocpit...I ready for my "drink now"

Saturday started with a nice breeze out of the west so when every one was up and ready we upped anchor and went sailing out t’words the mouth of the river, (it gets very wide out by the bay). So we started to tack back and forth working our way to the west in 6-8 knts of air; not much but enough to sail at 5-6 knts and not to much heel 15* was the average heel. And of course when any 2 sail boats are going in the same direction…it becomes a race. we did well until I blew a tack as the wind was dieing out so our quarry just sailed away from me. (Arrrgggh we’ll get ya next time)! We had hoisted our older genny to give the newer and heaver one a rest (it needs the green sun cover re stitched along the bottom). I had never had her older sails on her so I was very surprised to discover the old genny is in very, very good shape and is a good bit lighter than the big radial cut one I’d been using.  So the sail stayed inflated long after the heaver one would have collapsed from lack of wind.

We went back and re anchored at the exact spot we had left earlier in the day to go sailing. I didn’t bother putting the sun cover up as we had been sailing most of Saturday and we where going home the next day. And anyway the bimini is always up on it’s permanent stainless steel frame so there is always shade available, But Robert wanted to sit up on the big bridge deck so he rigged a little cover from some beach towels. ( just like we used to do with old blankets when I was a kid! you remember – making forts with towels and blankets)

Robert's making a towel fort ! ( the dodger is off for repairs & I dont miss it at all)

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming, reading and downing cool drinks in the shade. I even got a little maintenance done between drinks.

Robert piloted Meander the whole week end and the whole way back up the river and under the draw bridge at  George town on the Sassafras River, to our Boat Yard at Gregg Neck.  ( I used to get quite nervous about draw bridges,

The very narrow draw bridge at George Town

Robert handled it like he’d been sailing under them all his life… well I guess he has ! any way he did splendidly and even brought her into her slip ( at least as well as I do).

We will be coming down over the 4th of July for the long weekend. & hoping to have Becky along,  maybe even getting to a bigger city. Who knows!

Thanks for following along with our adventures here on the Chesapeake Bay. I know they are tame by some standards but it’s always good find a little adventure in one’s life!

Keep on Sailin’……………………………………………_/)……………………………..

Bob Leiby

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Performance Cruising Sailboat with 3 Double Cabins and More!

Performance cruiser – Formosa 43′  Sailboat for sale by owner.

This Sailing Yacht is Located on the upper Chesapeake Bay.

She is reduced from a more appropriate price of $129,000.00

& is For Sale now for only $89,000.00      ….This is a

steal !

Call, 570 754-4911 -or- Email me at

She is for sale for $89,000.00   One of the last one of these very rare “Ron Holland” designed boats built. Fast & safe and capable for “ocean passage conditions”. I would compare this Formosa 43 to any quality sailing yacht built during the same era, including”  Tayana, Valiant & Tashing.

The Formosa 43 may have been designed with the charter business in mind, but “Meander” was

Hall way back to the nice engine room

never in the charter trades. She has 3 full & Comfortable “Double Staterooms” along with a crew berth up front and a salon table that can be lowered to accommodate another double berth. Making this sailboat able to sleep 9 people …in Comfort !…Amazing !

Starting at the back of the boat is a very private cabin for the Capt’n & 1st Mate. This cabin has 3 bronze port lights for light and ventilation. The mattress was new in 2005  with “Posture-pedic” foam cushion top by the Lemoine Sleeper mattress co. This cabin has a private full head with shower, 4 drawers under the berth a full length shelf above the bunk, a large framed mirror and a fold up desk. A large hanging locker is  located in the hall way to the Engine room.

Main Salon table / double berth

Next forwards: is the main salon which will sleep 2 on the  settee, after lowering the table,  complete with new green material on the cushions & 5” foam. With the table up this makes a great pilots berth – safe and snug. The main salon has 4 opening bronze port lights and 2 new Bomar hatches.

Then next forward are 2 guest cabins with double

Port side guest cabin with double bunk

bunks in each along with 9 drawers, a full length shelf above the bunks, a large framed mirrors and a fold up desks. Each guest cabin has a hatch & window for light & ventilation ! WOW !

Then forward is the athwart ship guest head with shower electric WC and vanity sink with mirror & med. cabinet.

Starboard side guest cabin with double bunk

Then finally forward is the crew berth with a hanging locker with shelves inside, a desk with drawer and a large hatch for the best ventilation in the whole boat. I use this room for my work shop storage area as the 3 double rooms where plenty for my needs. (one double cabin for each of my kids).

My Kids are grown and off to university and don’t sail

Forward crew berth / storage cabin

with us much anymore so I am downsizing to a  smaller “couples” type boat.  This is your chance to own a very fine sailing yacht: very fast and very safe,  designed by one of the premier performance sail boat designers ever ! Ron Holland.

Thanks for reading along and don’t

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Posted by: summerhillbob | March 10, 2011

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Of Designs and Men!

Is the “Formosa 43” a Ron Holland design? The Formosa 43 is now listed under both the Formosa Boat building company and under Ron Holland in the web site.  For a while, there is no “Formosa Boat Building Company” listed. All the “Formosa” boats seem to have been built by TaChiao.  Ron Holland Designed a sail boat built in the mid 1980’s  by the Ta Chiao (CT) company and sold as the “Ron Holland CT 43”. The Hull lines on both boats (the Ron Holand 43 & the Formosa 43) are exactly the same. The deck and interior are somewhat different.  I contacted Ron Holland via email when I first bought the boat- doing research on her pedigree; He said ‘He could have designed her but he didn’t remember & there was no way to look it up -(before CADD you see)’…  He said ‘the Chinese builders where always stealing other people’s designs back then’..  ‘Maybe they even made some extra hulls from the master mold’ – ‘that wouldn’t be unheard of’. I’ve seen various iterations of this hull design for Formosa  (Formosa 43) since about 1979 – on to 1986 .  I’ve only seen the “Ron Holland 43” around  1985 /1989. So I think maybe, Ron Holland did design her back in 1979 and Formosa built about 19 of them or so,  in the next 7 years (Meander being hull # 18) Then to get the most out of the hull mold they laid up a bunch for CT to build the Ron Holland 43. It seems the Formosa Boat Building Company & TaChiao shared the same yard , work force and materials…and designers! Maybe they are just different parts of the same company & CT is still in business! -OR- I read somewhere that Formosa went out of business in 1986 so maybe TaChiao bought / assumed the molds and continued on building with the same hulls, & same workforce at the same location. Who Knows !

Doug Peterson has designed a few Formosa’s also and sometimes he gets credit for this design, but I don’t think so.  A search of his designs on the web site “” shows no designs of a similar configuration. His boats are well built and  fast, but they don’t have that sleek euro /Swan look that the “Formosa 43” boasts.  In fact I think she looks a lot like Ron Holland’s Swan designs of that same era. They are not exactly the same but the similarity s are there if you look for them.  Robert Perry along with William Garden designed some of  the CT’s & Formosa’s also, but most of these had that classic “Pirate ship” style the Formosa & CT boats were  known for. (The Movie:  “Capt’n Ron” had a “Formosa 51” I think).

I  think The Formosa Boat Building Company & TaChiao should gets more credit than they do for building strong and safe sail boats.  But they do have a reputation for inconsistent quality of materials, and to some extent that is true.  Though the workmanship is Bristol ! On Meander, the white laminate on some of the bulkheads  have cracks in the very thin plastic.  The marine plywood expands and contracts at a different rate than the plastic laminate so expansion cracks are the usual result. This is about the only place I’ve found where the materials used should have been of a higher quality, or just of a different nature.  Painted wood would have even been better.  Its only cosmetic but I would like to know how to fix this nuisance.

I have sailed “Meander” for over 10 years now and I can truly say (at least here on the Chesapeake Bay) That I was NEVER fearful when caught out in nasty weather.  We were in a “White Squall” off the Magothy river a few years ago and that was scary enough, especially when everything around you just disappears in a maelstrom  white flying spume. My Formosa 43 just pointed into the wind  at low idle and took all the weather gods could throw at her.  The Bay  can get very ugly, very fast.  The waves got steep and square – They don’t call it the Chesapeake Chop for nothing!  The flying spume and sideways rain was so bad I couldn’t open my eyes to look around. I could only squint at my compass through slitted eye lids and hold my heading.  It only stayed like this for about 10 minuets but it seemed longer. The next one of these I find myself in I will don my snorkel mask before it hits. A least I could see then.

And to add insult to injury… the 3 kids we had below in the main salon were singing at the top of their lungs…Billy Joel’s “And We All Go Down Together” !!!!

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