Posted by: summerhillbob | July 6, 2011

A weekend down on the Sassafras River

Meander, my Formosa 43 “performance / cruiser” Sail boat is for sale now for the unbeatable price of $99,000.00 (this is a steal )!

We spent a quiet weekend at the end of June down on the Sassafras River on the upper Chesapeake bay.  My wife Susan, & son Robert (home from university to help me on building projects this summer), @ Summer hill building & Contracting,inc.  We didn’t do much, just anchored out and read a lot. There is nothing as relaxing as sitting in the cockpit, under the Bimini, sipping a cool drink & reading a favorite book! That Friday evening we got down to the boat later than we wanted so we decided to go out the river and anchor off “Skipjack cove marina” for the night. We then dingied into the Granery restaurant for a late dinner in their lower (less formal & cheaper) dinning room.

A view of the Granary restaraunt from the river side

There was an acoustic duo setting up equipment to play that night so after we ate

Susan the Sailor

we moved to right in front of the group to listen for a while. During their first break I went over to talk…like I do… We talked about playing out and how they liked it. I discovered they were part of a full band called “Day Tripper”. When I told them that I played up in PA they asked me to get up and play a song or two…so I did .  What great fun. I would have liked to play some more but they where going back on so I sat down for another set. They where very good but played all covers no original works.  Sad to say I needed to get Susan back to the boat (way past her bedtime you see), so we bid them adeau and dingyed off back to Meander.

Lounging in the cocpit...I ready for my "drink now"

Saturday started with a nice breeze out of the west so when every one was up and ready we upped anchor and went sailing out t’words the mouth of the river, (it gets very wide out by the bay). So we started to tack back and forth working our way to the west in 6-8 knts of air; not much but enough to sail at 5-6 knts and not to much heel 15* was the average heel. And of course when any 2 sail boats are going in the same direction…it becomes a race. we did well until I blew a tack as the wind was dieing out so our quarry just sailed away from me. (Arrrgggh we’ll get ya next time)! We had hoisted our older genny to give the newer and heaver one a rest (it needs the green sun cover re stitched along the bottom). I had never had her older sails on her so I was very surprised to discover the old genny is in very, very good shape and is a good bit lighter than the big radial cut one I’d been using.  So the sail stayed inflated long after the heaver one would have collapsed from lack of wind.

We went back and re anchored at the exact spot we had left earlier in the day to go sailing. I didn’t bother putting the sun cover up as we had been sailing most of Saturday and we where going home the next day. And anyway the bimini is always up on it’s permanent stainless steel frame so there is always shade available, But Robert wanted to sit up on the big bridge deck so he rigged a little cover from some beach towels. ( just like we used to do with old blankets when I was a kid! you remember – making forts with towels and blankets)

Robert's making a towel fort ! ( the dodger is off for repairs & I dont miss it at all)

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming, reading and downing cool drinks in the shade. I even got a little maintenance done between drinks.

Robert piloted Meander the whole week end and the whole way back up the river and under the draw bridge at  George town on the Sassafras River, to our Boat Yard at Gregg Neck.  ( I used to get quite nervous about draw bridges,

The very narrow draw bridge at George Town

Robert handled it like he’d been sailing under them all his life… well I guess he has ! any way he did splendidly and even brought her into her slip ( at least as well as I do).

We will be coming down over the 4th of July for the long weekend. & hoping to have Becky along,  maybe even getting to a bigger city. Who knows!

Thanks for following along with our adventures here on the Chesapeake Bay. I know they are tame by some standards but it’s always good find a little adventure in one’s life!

Keep on Sailin’……………………………………………_/)……………………………..

Bob Leiby


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