Posted by: summerhillbob | July 7, 2011

4th of July weekend at Chesapeake City

Meander, my 1985 Formosa 43 “performance / cruiser” Sail boat is for sale now for the unbeatable price of $99,000.00 (this is a steal)!

Chesapeake City Bound!

This last 4th of July weekend I had my whole family at home ( I love it when both my little chicks come home to roost).  We had decided to take the long weekend and try to get into the basin at Chesapeake City. That anchorage is notorious for being shoaled in. The current flies in and out of the C&D canal loading it’s entrance with

The C&D bridge, Rt 213 at Chesapeake City

lots of silt. The last time we went up there ( two years ago, I think) we had to plow through the muck at the entrance to get into the 10′ to 12′ deep anchorage. ( & that was only two years after they had dredged the entrance).  We draw  a little less than 7′ so I’m guessing the depth then was around 6′ at the entrance ( and this was at high tide). They have about a 3′ tide here, I think.  This time we got there at dead low tide so I was not to hopeful. We called “Andy” the dock master at the Chesapeake Inn on the VHF radio, they operate a marina in side the anchorage. She said the Army Corps of Engineers had just dredged the mouth this last winter and the

The entrance into the anchorage. lots of current and shoaling, keep a sharp eye out

controlling depth was 10′.  Wow, I  was in sailboat heaven ! Even at low, low tide we didn’t even touch the mud, & we had the anchorage mostly to our selves to boot, just a few sail boats and 2 trawlers. Now Chesapeake City is normally  “Cigarette Boat” mecca, they come from all over the bay, both bays, actually,  and make one hell of a lot of noise. I am a sailor – I like peace and quiet. Last week was Chesapeake City’s Canal Days” weekend ( A crazy ,  raucous and dangerous affair [I’d heard that someone died there this year])  I figures that most of the crazies

Rebeccah in her usual spot; in the shade with a book (more than one actually)

would be else where & I was mostly right.  The fireworks where everywhere else but Chesapeake city, so other than those hard core drinkers going to the Chesapeake Inn’s bar we didn’t have to put up with all the noise and nutty behavior….mostly, anyway. I like this little town, it has some good restaurants and lots of odd little  shops that sell all kinds of gifts or hand crafts or antiques… lots of choices !  (I bought a “1977 Da’Gastino Lawsuit Les Paul” guitar and a vintage “Rickenbacker Road” amp there a few years ago.  One of Susan & my favorite shops was a place called “Sanford & Son”. Just an old man who goes to estate sales and auctions and brings back all kinds of stuff; some

A nervous Captain coming into this shoaly anchorage

junk, some “diamonds-in-the-rough. We bought a set of large and very heavy cast iron “andirons” from him a few years ago. You just never know what you’ll find. Well, we found almost all his stuff was gone and his place all cleaned up & his little shop closed. We later found out from another shop owner we struck up a conversation with ( like we do) that he was sick and his son (s)? cleaned the place up for him… the end of an era, I think, he was truly a fixture there. I know I will miss him and his shop of junk.

In between reading, eating, swimming & shopping,  I was able to get a little more maintenance done. I got the forward bilge pump working (wire corrosion, it happens), and the aft shower sump pump

Some of our neighbors on the hook

fixed (hair in the impeller).

They say Cruising in a sailboat is the art of doing boat maintenance in exotic locations…ya know, they may be right!

We motored up bay against the out going tide with no wind on Saturday (very hot and muggy)- to get to Chesapeake city, and we motored south on Tuesday against the in coming tide with almost no wind again, not fun for a sailor but the usual here on the Chesapeake in summer. We rolled out the new/old genny as we entered the Sassafras River on our way home but couldn’t get much over 3 knts on the dieing north westerly. So we cranked in the sail & cranked up the Iron Genny and motored we did- all the way back to the marina.

Thanks for reading along and following us on out tame adventures aboard “Meander” & Share this blog with your friends, you just never know who is a closet sailor…maybe even YOU !

Remember:  Life’s short and your dead a long time ! (an actual boat name!)

So Keep on  Sailin’……………………………….._/)…………………………….. Bob Leiby


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