Posted by: summerhillbob | May 23, 2012

Meander, my Formosa 43 -is For Sale By Owner

Before I found a real drawing for Meander I drew this up… (Ron Holland I ain’t) !


She’s back in the water !

This last month saw lots of small to mid sized projects on Meander. a few are…

  • First Susan & myself scrubbed off the grime from the winter lay-up, inside & out.
  • We removed her old varnish from the topsides teak and re varnished with multiple coats of new spar varnish. ( lets see how long this stuff lasts.)
  • Next we removed the 4 very heavy6 volt  fork lift batteries  and the last remaining 8d gelcell from the boat. The 8d was on the boat when I bought her in 2000 and the fork lift batteries were 10 years old,(and on their last leg). so it was time to replace them. I bought 4 new  6 volt golfcart batteries and a combo- deep cycle / starting battery. Lets see if we can get 10 years out of this system like the last.
  • I bought a new tri-color / anchor light for the mast head. (the last anchor/strobe died last year). I wired in a pair of blocking diodes so I can use the reverse polarity switching system I built for the strobe/anchor light. It seems to work great. I may get a pair of LED bulbs for this light system so as to draw as little current as possible. We’ll see.
  • Got the canvas back from Oateleys Top Shop where it was in for restitching and new clear plastic glass in the dodger. It all went on swimmingly. I even re-applied waterproofing to the Bimini top. Also put on new twist catches on the front of the main-sail cover. (the zipper died a while ago ).

We went out for a great little sail on Sunday as the wind was out of the north at about about 12 kts. and a little gusty. My son Robert was with us this last weekend (and was a great help in striping the varnish, re-varnishing and getting those monster batteries out and in the car). We raised the sails just outside of Skipjack Cove Marina (on the Sassafras river) and sailed the whole way out and across the Bay to Aberdeen with the wind mostly on the starboard beam. Then turned around and sailed back. A great afternoon and a great sail. The good sailing will get less as the summer wears on. Robert was at the helm most of the afternoon, He does love to sail !

Sailing at the mouth of the Sassafras River

Formosa  43 line drawing

Her lines


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