Posted by: summerhillbob | June 14, 2012

Dock Mates are off to Bermuda!

Performance cruiser – Formosa 43  Sailboat for sale by owner. Located in the upper Chesapeake Bay.

She is for sale by owner for $79,999.00   One of the last one of these very rare “Ron Holland” designed boats. Fast & safe and capable for “ocean passage conditions”.

Dock Mates are off to Bermuda!

The Happy Crew…Lucky Buggers !

Some friends and dock mates set off with Bill on his 10th run to Bermuda and back.  Oh, how I envy them. They prepped a proper boat ( A Vagabond 42 in this case) and set off to catch the high tide at the east end of the D&C canal this last weekend. They will have made great time going up the Chesapeake bay, across between on the C&D & down the Delaware bay. I haven’t heard from them or their land connection here at the Boat Yard so I hope everything is going smoothly.

And their off !

We had some weather here on Tuesday( mostly just rain) so they are probably in the stuff right now. Stay dry boys!

The scuttle-but is that they packed enough food for a run right across the Atlantic, well we’ll see if they keep going! We’ll be back down to the boat next weekend so we may be there for their return…That will be great!

Last Weekend at the ” Worton Creek Anchorage”

Meander sailing out the Sassafras river

After seeing our friends off, Susan & I Motor-sailed down to Worton Creek. It’s the second inlet south of the Sassafras river- (where we keep Meander). I like this anchorage a lot. It’s mostly sail boats and it’s open to the west so we get the breezes on those hot summer nights. It has Great holding and when those big thunder storms come rolling through later in the summer, you’ll need it.

Any way, we spent the weekend doing some chores and reading…lots of reading…you know just doing

Monday morning finds us in a very deserted anchorage …I love it !

what sailors love to do…Hanging on the Hook!  We had the first try-out of the new battery banks…Wow, those old ones did need replacing.

I was also trying to figure out the problems with both refer systems…but to no avail. I’m not a refer guy ( though I wish I was). Well I’ll get these systems working yet! ( glad ice is cheap) 4 blocks kept the refer / ice box cold for 4 days…. But I do miss refrigeration!

Saturday evening -a sail boat cruising right down the sun set !

Thanks for reading & Following along. Just trying to make this “Google” thing work for me. & maybe even help me sell “Meander”

Whoever gets her will be getting a great sailing boat !

If your interested you can contact:

Bob Leiby




  1. I also own a Formosa 43, I believe you are incorrect on the designer. The boat has all the earmarks of a Doug Peterson designed ‘Serendipity’ originally for racing. Peterson sold the molds to Baltic which is called the Baltic 42. I have a web address for your review if you like.

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