Posted by: summerhillbob | July 31, 2012

Repairing the Storm Damage to Meander at Gregg Neck Boat Yard

Performance cruiser – Formosa 43  Sailboat for sale by owner. Located in the upper Chesapeake Bay.

She is for sale for $65900.00   One of the last one of these very rare “Ron Holland” designed boats. Fast & safe and capable for “ocean passage conditions”.

 The Formosa 43 may have been designed with the charter

“Meander” Sailing out the Sassafras River

business in mind, but “Meander” was never in the charter trades. She has 3 full & Comfortable “Double Staterooms” along with a crew berth up front and a salon table that can be lowered to accommodate another double berth. Making this sailboat able to sleep 9 people …in Comfort !…Amazing !

Aftermath Of The Storm of July 2012 at Gregg Neck Boat Yard.

Repaired the Storm Damage to Meander

This last weekend I and my friend Bill Emenecker worked on the repairs to

Damage after the storm

Meander’s toe rails. the last installment showed the trauma that was done to her side by those nasty  pilings. Well when I got down to the boat yard around 1:00 on Thursday, Bill was hard at work mixing epoxy & filler to fill the void between the hull & deck units. There was a thin 1/2″  piece of mahogany  there and had deteriorated a little over the years. Bill finished filling this in as I got my gear & stuff together. then we started to fit the joints on the new toe rails he had

Obiwan directing his (slightly younger) apprentice, (me)

shaped from the Teak he got at a local lumber yard. They were flawless ! wow! After we dry fit all the joints we took them off and set them aside. Then Bill mixed more epoxy and I cut a pile of 1,1/2″ x 3′ strips of matt glass. then he saturated them with resin and I painted the now grouned off hull/deck joint with fresh epoxy and started laying the matt strips along the joint, saturating & rolling it all together for a tight bond. Then I re grouned the joint to flatten it all out then started to install the rails with 3M 5200. 1 tube per 7′ rail. Bill used resorcinol glue for the joints and I ,after pre drilling the counter sink holes & pilot holes ran the screws in snuggly. then with the plugs he made at his shop we glued the screw holes and plugged them all. When this dried I cut the plugs off with Bill’s super sharp chisels  and sanded the whole thing smooth with a

Bill is saturating the mat glass while I’m placing the stuff & rolling it in

belt sander then a random orbit sander. After a little feathering in of the joints the job was ready for finishing.

I gotta tell ya I felt a lot like “Luke Skywalker” ( the apprentice) to Bills’ “Obiwan Kenobie” (master cabinet maker). I learned one very valuable lesson…SHARP CHISELS  are the  bomb! This kind of work was what Bill has done all his life, I just play around with this fine kind of work on occasion so I was  intimidated by the repairs…as it turned out it wasn’t so bad, Bill could see what was next in the process so he just showed the way & I followed ! Thanks Bill for all the work! Mary Ann his uber helpful wife didn’t let us get thirsty or hungry all weekend. Thanks to you too ! She even helped with the clean up –

plugs in – ready for feathering and sanding

when we were finished for the day. You couldn’t tell anyone was ever working out on our dock…Well done indeed !

The next day I got 3 coats of spar varnish on the rails and the next morning after that I got one more coat then the rest of the SS hardware and rub rails .

I must say again, I never thought we could get those repairs to look as good as they turned out. I defy anyone to pick-out any flaws in this job…better than new, I think !

That Evening we all went off to Gregg necks summer pig roast and party. There was a band (duo) playing. “Pure Ground” is there name. lots of songs and good music too.

A finished job ! notice the bigger & much more robust fender boards…I don’t want to do this again !

We ate pork and drank some beers and just enjoyed the rest of the evening. Just reward for a job very well done!

Thanks for reading along and following Meander on her meanderings around the Chesapeake Bay. Don’t forget to tell your friends about Meander being for sale & friend us on Face book. You never know which of your friends might be looking for a sail boat just like Meander !

Bill, Maryann & Linda, admiring the work

Bob Leiby


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