Posted by: summerhillbob | July 4, 2014

Lots of new work done on Meander.

Hi There ! It’s been over a year since I posted anything on here for Meander. Lots of stuff has been going on with her none the less. Here is a short list:

  1. I cooked the transmission at the end of last year. Seems the thing has been running backwards the whole time I’ve owned her. I just didn’t know, since she has a maxprop and the linkage was reverser there were no indicators to clue me in. …except that the aft end would walk the opposite direction when in reverse from all the other boats I’ve owned. But I thought that was just how sail drives walked… Well not true. The thing was running backwards and ,if you know anything about these transmissions , when in forward the central shaft would be pushed upwards into the lube cap at the top of the case, not downward into the rest of the geartrain. Well, with one hard shift in a windy, tight anchorage, a small roller bearing set collapsed in there and sent the shaft up enough to disengage the central shaft connection to the lower unit …so  no go ! Well, I nursed her back to my boat yard and got a final tow in from a friend up to the dock. This last winter I bought a replacement (slightly used) sail drive , both upper & lower units. Rebuilt both sets and installed the best of them back into the boat this last spring. She works fine now and is running in the right direction. (I just had to change the linkage set-up) it is as simple as that ! & now I have a complete sail drive as a spair…It’s all Good !)
  2. When I re-installed the sail-drive, I re-greased the max prop and installed it with a slightly less angle of attack on the adjustable blades. This meant the engine would run slightly faster (closer to it’s normal speed, & would work less hard in doing it. She runs much smoother and less luggy now. also a good thing.
  3. At the end of last year when I blew-out the water system with the compressor, I blew-up the water heater. (It was kind-a corroded  at the bottom of the bottom of the aluminum tank. )….B A N G !!! . So I got a new one from Defender and installed it in the system &…
  4. Since I was in plumbing mode, I decided to re-plumb the whole boat with PEX piping. I have been repairing the old copper pipe all along as leaks would show up. Cutting out the leaky spots and patching them with nylon reinforced hose and worm clamps. This was a temporary fix at best. Now the plumbing’s all new !
  5. & finaly, the two refer systems have not been working for the last 2 years (either  the 110 VAC system nor the engine drive part). Well I finally gave up trying to fix them myself (seems I’m not a refrigeration repair guy).  So I bought a new Isotherm 12 VDC system and installed it in the cold box. It’s not as strong as the engine system ( I  still hope to fix this system yet) but it works fine & it keeps the refrigerator down in the low 40’s and the little freezer compartment freezes ice for my “Dark and Stormy’s” !

Well, that’s all for now…

Thanks for reading along

Bob Leiby

Aboard, “Meander”


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