Posted by: summerhillbob | June 1, 2015

More new stuff for Meander & a Wild Ride to boot.

"Meander" Sailing out the Sassafras River

“Meander” Sailing out the Sassafras River

Well, if you know anything about beautiful sail boats you know you spend money on them… they are , after all,  very jealous mistresses.

Well, I’ve been buying and installing lots of new and pretty gear on her. & I’m repairing some old water stained veneered bulkheads in the 2 forward state rooms with some cedar wainscoting, along with installing some tile in the bathrooms and in front of the galley sink. She’s looking beautiful !

We had Robert & his girl Taylor down from Boston over the

Her Lines

Her Lines

Memorial day weekend. Went out sailing in some very windy conditions, 25+ knts. We were really pushing Meander hard, even had green water over the rail at times…WOW, what a sail.  That is until a steering cable sheave let loose from it’s place in the engine room ceiling. just popped the heads off 2 of the stainless steel bolts holding the thing in place. All of a sudden…no steering !  I went below & figured out what was what and seeing that we could still sail her, proceeded on down to our original destination

Saturday evening -a sail boat cruising right down the sun set !

Saturday evening -a sail boat cruising right down the sun set ! & into our anchorage !

(Worton creek anchorage) with the auto pilot steering and the emergency tiller in place, (just in case). We sailed into the anchorage and anchored under sail alone, that was lots of fun. The wind was great for sailing and I didn’t want to waste a second of it.

Next day we took the dink into Worton creek marina and bought 3 new Bronze bolts and put the steering system back to rights. After that repair, we spent the rest of the weekend just hanging on the hook and enjoying this quiet & mostly sailorly  anchorage.  No Worries mate !

You see, I really do love when Meander challenges me with things to do for her.  Makes me feel like a Man… a self reliant  man… Like my Dad … She is a jealous mistress after all !

Lets keep on sailin’



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